To you who are interested in LIPIDS

The GERLI has the vocation of animating scientific life in the domain of lipids, i.e., of perpetuating specialist expertise and promoting high quality science in this field, in other words of fostering LIPIDOMICS.

LIPIDOMICS may be defined as the "characterization of the different lipids of living organisms and the study of their interactions and biological roles, in relation to the functions of the genes and their proteins".

In this context, the GERLI has organised in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in 2013 a large scientific meeting, on "From membranes to pathologies", for which you will find all the necessary information on the site.

On this occasion, the Thesis Prize was awarded to :

- Gado DRAMANE : « Etude de la signalisation calcique dans les cellules gustatives lipidiques chez la souris»

PhD directors : Pr Naïm Khan (Prof. Université de Bourgogne Dijon) et Simon Akpona (Prof. Université de Parakou, Bénin)

- Vincent DELORME : «De Mycobacterium tuberculosis à la protéomique chimique: utilisation et greffage d’inhibiteurs de lipases et carboxyestérases»

PhD directors : Dr Stéphane Canaan (EIPL, CNRS UMR7282, Marseille) & Frédéric Fotiadu (Ecole centrale de Marseille).

This thesis prize (1500 euros) is awarded every year.
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