9ème Congrès de Lipidomique
"Lipides & Maladies Métaboliques"

17-19 octobre 2012  Paris Jussieu  

Thèmes et conférenciers 

Programme avec les conférenciers ayant confirmé leur participation
(Toutes les conférences sont en anglais)

Mardi 16 Octobre

17:00 - 19:00 Enregistrement et Accueil

Mercredi 17 Octobre

09:00 Ouverture 

Mercredi 17 Octobre
Session 1. Signalisation lipidique

Chairpersons: M. Record & G. Lambeau

09:10  Conférence plénière          J. Kukkonen (Helsinki, Finlande) - Lipid messages from orexin receptors

09:50  Communication orale          P.C. Violet (Orsay) - Inhibition of lipid phosphate phosphatase activity by VPC32183 suppresses the ability of diacylglycerol pyrophosphate to activate ERK1/2 MAP kinases

10:10  Communication orale          J. Bellenger (Dijon) - Inhibition of the ErbB2 pathway by n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids prevents breast cancer in fat-1 transgenic mice

10:30  Conférence plénière         Naim Khan (Dijon, France) Ca++ signaling in taste bud cells and spontaneous preference for fat

11:10                Café & Posters

11:40  Communication orale         C. Rancoule (Toulouse) - Involvement of lysophosphatidic acid in obesity-associated impairment of glucose homeostasis

12:00  Communication orale         M. Chevrot (Dijon) - Impacts of obesity on the oro-sensory perception of lipids in Human

12:20  Conférence plénière         M. Wakelam (Cambridge, UK) - Phosphoinositides and mass spectrometry

13:00                   Buffet & Posters

Mercredi 17 Octobre
Session 2. Stockage des gouttelettes lipidiques et leur mobilisation

Chairpersons: I. Dugail & M. Miquel

Conférence plénière        K. Chapman (Denton, USA) - High resolution visual maps of the oilseed lipidome

14:40  Communication orale        M.J. Virolle (Orsay) - Connection between storage lipid metabolism and antibiotics biosynthesis in Streptomyces, a bacteria of industrial interest

15:00 Communication orale         S. Demignot (Paris) - Differential proteomics of lipid droplets from caco-2/TC7 enterocytes expressing or not hepatitis C virus core protein identifies novel modulators of lipid secretion

15:20  Conférence plénière       C. Sztalryd (Baltimore, USA) - Cellular energetics, interactions between furnace (mitochondria) and storage (lipid droplets)

16:00  Communication orale       J.T. Haas (San Francisco) - The DGAT1 gene is mutated in a family with a congenital diarrheal disorder 

  Communication orale       J.M. Nicaud (Jouy en Josas) - Lipid remobilization in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica 

16:40                Café & Posters 

Jeudi 18 Octobre
Session 3. Le Yin et le Yang des stérols

Chairpersons: A. Kalopissis & X. Collet

09:00  Conférence plénière       B. Cariou (Nantes, France) - Bile acids and their receptors : New targets in metabolic diseases

09:40  Communication orale       D. Eberle (San Francisco) - Repairing the hypomorphic Apoe allele in Apoeh/hLdlr-/-Mx1-cre mice results in lipid-lowering and stabilization of atherosclerotic plaques

10:00  Communication orale       D. Molino (Paris) - TI-VAMP/VAMP7-dependent vesicular traffic and lipid regulation

10:20                Café & Posters

10:40  Communication orale       M. Record (Toulouse) - An endosome-derived vesicular domain enriched in sphingomyelin and cholesterol (exosomes) are secreted upon aminoalkylsterol cell challenge

11:00  Communication orale        F. Alpy (Illkirch) - The lipid transport protein STARD3 mediates inter-organelle membrane contact sites formation

11:20  Conférence plénière       
A. Groen (Groningen, Netherlands) Novel insights in the dynamics of whole body cholesterol transport

12:00                   Buffet & Posters

Jeudi 18 Octobre
Session 4. Points chauds dans les maladies métaboliques

GERLI/SFN joined session

Chairpersons: C. Forest, J. Delarue, F. Carrière

14:30  Conférence plénière        P. Scherer (Dallas, USA) -
The adipokine/ceramide axis : Key aspects of insulin sensitization

15:10   Prix de thèse  GERLI          L. Couëdelo (Bordeaux) - Nutritional bioavailability of polyunsaturated fatty acids enriched colloidal systems

15:40   Prix de thèse  GERLI         Thi Thu Trang Tran (Dijon) - Postprandial adaptation of intestinal lipid metabolism: Role of CD36 and PPARß

16:10                GERLI Assemblée générale

20:00                Diner de Gala

Vendredi 19 Octobre
Session 4 (continued). Points chauds dans les maladies métaboliques

Chairpersons: I. Niot, V. Rioux & D. Rainteau

09:00  Conférence plénière       J. Bastin (Paris, France) - Regulation of fatty acid ß-oxidation in human: what can we learn from fatty acid ß-oxidation deficient cells

09:40  Communication orale       X. Prieur (Nantes) - Treatment with PPAR
g agonist pioglitazone improves some of the metabolic abnormalities in Bscl2-/- mice

10:00  Communication orale       B. Roque (Rennes) - Conversion of alpha-linolenic acid to longer chain n-3 fatty acids: competition with linoleic and oleic acids for the delta6 desaturase

10:20                Café & Posters

10:40  Communication orale       K.A. Ubhayasekera (Upsala) - Does palmitoleate improve the insulin sensitivity in juvenile obese ?

11:00  Communication orale       N. Joffin (Paris) - Citrulline directly reduces glyceroneogenesis and fatty acid re-esterification in adipose tissue from aging rats

11:20  Conférence plénière       D. Kratky (Graz, Austria) -
Regulation of macrophage apoptosis : Lessons from adipose triglyceride lipase-deficient mice

12:00                   Prix de Poster

12:10                   Buffet & Posters

Vendredi 19 Octobre
Session 5. Domaines membranaires et sphingolipides

Chairpersons: A. Girard-Egrot & A. Zachowski

13:30  Conférence plénière       C. Lamaze (Paris) Caveolae assembly and disassembly at the plasma
membrane: Role in cell mechanics and signaling

14:10  Communication orale       N. Harmouche (Bordeaux) - Deformable biphenyl liposomes: characterization by solid state NMR and perspectives in biophysics and structural biology   

14:30  Communication orale        S. Mongrand (Bordeaux) - A novel protein anchor for lipid-specific plasma membrane raft targeting in plant cells

14:50  Communication orale        S. Jouhet (Grenoble) - Biophysic properties of biomimetic membranes obtained by self-assembly of natural chloroplast lipids

15:10  Conférence plénière        J. D. Faure (Versailles, France) Plant sphingolipids, from membrane structure
and dynamics to cell polarity and differentiation

15:50            Annonce de la réunion du GERLI 2013 & cloture